AfterBash 2022

"AfterBash" is a series of 1-hour webinars hosted by the sponsors of LABash sponsors that will take place over many weeks after the conference. Attend to learn more about the profession and industry!

Prizes! For each session you attend, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of three $100 gift cards! 

All students, whether they attended LABash or not, are welcome to attend for free! Please register in advance.

Mon 4/18 @ 12pm CT - Vectorworks 

  • Session: Advance Your Site Design Process with Vectorworks Landmark

  • Description: Vectorworks Landmark software is the ultimate tool for landscape and irrigation design professionals and the only stand-alone solution offering an intuitive interface that lets you create dynamic 2D/3D designs with intelligent site-specific objects and design tools to improve your planting, grading, irrigation, and hardscapes. Now more than ever, landscape design professionals can be more efficient in their design workflows to not only analyze site conditions, incorporate landscape plans, and estimate proposed materials and labor, but use these features to help create, model, and present with Vectorworks Landmark.

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Thu 4/21 @ 12pm CT - DuMor

  • Session: DuMor

  • Description: Learn more about the DuMor brand and new product offerings.

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Mon 4/25 @ 12pm CT - CLARB

POSTPONED; New date and time pending - Kimley-Horn 

Mon 5/9 @ 12pm CT - Earthscape

  • Session: Earthscape Play "Field Trip"

  • Description: An inspiring, fun and informative virtual ""Field Trip"" with Earthscape Playgrounds. Topics include core technologies, approach to play, wood specie & longevity, and the custom design/collaboration process, as well as the Earthscape Collections.  Enjoy a virtual tour of our design office and fabrication shop to see where we build serious fun! +Q&A

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Thu 5/12 @ 5pm CT - ASLA

  • Session: ASLA Mentorship Program

  • Description: Did you know ASLA offers free mentorship with your membership? Come and meet some experienced professionals during this hour to see if this member benefit works for you. Mentors can help you with questions about your projects, portfolio, resume, and connect you to the career you are looking to start!

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  • *INTERACTIVE* - be sure to have your cameras on for this session!

Thu 5/19 @ 12pm CT - Land F/X

  • Description: Turn AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, or Revit into an easier drafting platform with the Land F/X plugin. We’ll set you up for success in your next project – whether it's in your next academic year, a summer internship, or a new job after graduation – by showing you how to use some simple tools for planting design right inside CAD. Learn to add plants from a master database, label them with auto-scaling multi-leader (MLeader) callouts, and run a table-style schedule that includes all the correct data, all in just a few clicks. You can even add color to your plan within CAD before going to Photoshop, and then take it all into the 3D program of your choice. We’ll also go over some professional planting plan examples that illustrate the variety of default style options Land F/X puts at your fingertips.

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Thu 6/9 @ 12pm CT - mmcite