Design Jones, LLC
Program Director and Professor // University of Texas, Arlington 
Design Jones, LLC
Associate Professor of Practice // University of Texas, Arlington 
Lecture Title
Landscape: Recovering Sustainability and Resilience

Sustainability and Resilience have become so common place in the culture, one could easily loose the connection of these words to the place of their origin. More specifically, loose connection to the spirit of the people who daily, live within and define these landscapes.


The shaping of landscapes through landscape architecture has been one of the most viable ways to positively shape place, and give vulnerable populations not only a voice, but a tool for strengthening and sustaining their communities in order to not only survive but to thrive for generations into the future.

As climates and social issues erupt, Landscape Architecture as a field and as a discipline should

remain focused on facing the most difficult, challenges necessary for building resilient communities through healing and sustaining the landscape in the interest of the same people.


Much of the work ahead confronts and addresses the forces that cause harm to the environment. By constantly updating one’s skill sets, sharpening critical thinking and honing the ability to lead the way, landscape architects can effectively reorder the social, cultural and economic issues of our time. These are core values within the discipline of landscape architecture and we must embrace them anew.

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