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Landscape and Urban Designer // Prarieform
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Lecture Title
Playing to Plan: Engaging People in Cities and the Natural World Through Their Hands, Body, and Senses

Place It! explores people's' lived experiences, needs, and aspirations to engage them in holistic urban planning and design. We use art-making, storytelling, objects, and play as tools to allow participants to think deeply and differently about landscape and cities. Through these media, people are able to think out of the box, deconstruct spatial inequalities, and come up with creative solutions to the complex problems our cities and neighborhoods are currently facing. This presentation will explore

why people are more creative and expansive in their thinking when their hands and senses are engaged; the core Place It! methods and how they work; and some relevant case studies to see how the methods can be used within a range of contexts and for a variety of goals (e.g., landscape design, urban planning, transportation planning, community-building, etc.).