Communications Director // The Urban Studio
Deputy Director // 1882 Foundation
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Lecture Title
Design Shifts in the 21st Century: Deliberate Moves to Bend Toward Justice

Whether we choose to recognize it or not, our design education and practice is intrinsically connected to increasingly complex societal issues; first and foremost deep and systemic racial and class inequities. If we are committed to cultivating thriving and just places for all, we must actively disconnect from these generational cycles of harm. To do so, this work demands a shift in mindset, diversifying partnership and collaboration models, and redesigning our design processes. Through the lens of her design research studies at the MDes in Integrative Design, Jenn reflects on her own pivot from traditional forms landscape architecture practice and into new territories in both practice and pedagogy to advance issues of justice in the built environment. While by no means comprehensive and still in its early stages, she offers her reflections on abundance, seeking out new partnership and collaboration models, and the possibilities of co-creating new participatory processes.