Professor // North Carolina State College of Design
Lecture Title
The Commons: Land, Property, Information, and Landscape Agency

The Twin Pandemics of 2020, COVID-19 and the reckoning over racial justice, forced critical examination across built environmental fields. How have we enabled the perpetuation of inequity through the design, planning, and policies affecting our places? And do we have the capacity to change these processes? As communities, organizations, schools, and other entities are engaged in shifting their agendas, what are our theories of change? How are the built environment professions framing the change process? And since the changes required go beyond the scope of a single entity, what theories can coexist and compliment systems level change enabling equity? In this presentation, theories of change will be framed and discussed in the context of historic and current disciplinary transformations. The presentation is grounded in situations centering landscape architecture and environmental planning. However, lessons learned can extend to other built environment disciplines.