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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the LAAB Accreditation Standards

The Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) is the accrediting organization for professional landscape architecture degree programs. LAAB not only develops Accreditation Standards (Standards) to evaluate professional landscape architecture degree programs objectively, it also judges whether a school’s professional landscape architecture degree program is in compliance with the Standards.


LAAB's yearlong Standards revision process was wrapping up in May 2020 as the murder of George Floyd and the racial justice protests that followed pushed every institution to look deep within themselves and their work to ensure they were part of the response and progress toward racial and social justice in the United States. LAAB immediately formed a Diversity subcommittee to work on continued Standards revisions pertaining to DEI. In order to solicit additional input to ensure the Standards properly address these issues, LAAB

hosted a series of Standards Revision Town Halls in September 2020 for participants including: students, faculty, program chairs, practitioners, BlackLAN members, and members of ASLA's Diversity Summit Community. LAAB's Diversity subcommittee has been meeting weekly since the Town Halls to incorporate the feedback that was provided. This session will provide an overview of the revisions that have been made to address diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the Standards, solicit initial feedback and reactions, and encourage students and others to engage in the next step of the process to finalize and publish these revisions.