Communications and Outreach Manager // CLARB


Executive Secretary // NYS Board for Landscape Architecture
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Your Path to Licensure

You chose your college; you chose your major; what’s next? Your Path to Licensure.


Throughout your classes, internships, and independent studies, you have probably learned directly from and worked directly with licensed landscape architects. Did you know education, experience, and the examination are key requirements to becoming licensed across the United States and Canada? You’re already nearly one-third of your way there.


When can I start planning?”

“What is the L.A.R.E.?”

“Why is licensure important and how will it benefit me?”

These are very common questions asked of CLARB and licensure boards. This session will highlight how and when you can begin your own path to becoming a licensed landscape architect. Not all paths to licensure are alike, and CLARB can help you navigate your own in tandem with your local licensure board. By attending this session, you will gain the knowledge you need to begin (and continue) on your path beyond graduation through learning the benefits of licensure, the breakdown of the L.A.R.E., and hearing about the application process directly from an executive at a licensure board.