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Landscape Architect


Landscape Architect
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Practicing Justice

OLIN creates distinguished landscapes and urban designs worldwide. Our work is predicated upon social engagement, craft, detail, materiality, and timelessness. We recognize that there is an infrastructure of disenfranchisement in our country’s social systems, that sanctions hate in our communities and stifles the opportunities afforded to many people. 


There are fundamental questions that we as part of the design community have to address: how has the design of the built environment contributed to the perpetuation of these injustices and how can we contribute to ending these ingrained social and economic harms? Our team is committed to actively serving as an ally to disenfranchised communities as we build toward racial, social, and economic justice. We know that to move forward we must contribute to the development of public policies that empower minority and underrepresented communities and seek knowledge and understanding. We have to cross barriers between each other and across communities to achieve a common goal of justice and the pursuit of happiness and equity for all.

These long-standing societal failures are compounded in particular with the intensification of

climate change, because through generations of racist practices we have forced so many minority communities into harm's way. These social, environmental, and economic inequalities in our landscape will only intensify if we do nothing. We must act quickly with compassion and fortitude to support those communities suffering as a result of discriminatory policies. OLIN is committed to design that brings value to all, not just the privileged, and which strengthens economically challenged communities. These are the first steps to grow our commitments to help heal the traumas perpetuated by racism, but we understand the journey has just started.


This presentation will discuss how we are actively seeking to champion equity and justice within our studio and our projects. OLIN designers Jessica Henson, Sylvia Palms, and Eve Ding will discuss several internal initiatives and project work in Washington, D.C., at the 11th Street Bridge and in Los Angeles County at the LA River that seek to foster equitable and just landscapes.