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Getting to


Davis, California

There are many ways to get to Davis, California! Whether you plan to drive, fly, bus, or take the train, we've got you covered on everything you may need to know about getting to LABash 2024.

Take a roadtrip with your friends to LABash 2024! LABash encourages you to carpool if you choose to drive to this year's conference. If you choose to drive, parking information can be found here:


Parking on the UC Davis campus is overseen by the Department of Transportation Services. Paid parking is required for all UC Davis visitors.

1 Shields Ave Garage (+ Visitors Parking Lot 1 & 2)

Hilgard Ln, Davis, CA 95616


5 minute walk to the UC Davis Welcome Center.

1 Shields Ave Garage (+ Quad Parking Structure)

Howard Way, Davis, CA 95616


15 minute walk to the UC Davis Welcome Center.


All non-permit public parking in Downtown Davis is FREE (other than in the E Street Plaza Parking Lot), but please note that many spaces are time-restricted or subject to the Re-Parking Restriction. The Davis Police Department enforces all public parking in Downtown Davis.

Downtown Davis parking locations and information can be found here.


Making your way by plane? Here's an overview of some nearby airports:

Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

23 minute drive to the UC Davis Welcome Center.

If you happen to not be driving from the airport, no worries! Feel free to take the Yolobus. Make sure to have some fare money at hand, as individual Single Ride Tickets are $2.00 per ride. Consider taking this line:

Yolobus 42A

This bus goes clockwise, stopping by Woodland, SMF, Downtown Sacramento, and then Davis. More info can be found here.

$2/Single Ride Ticket

1 hour to the UC Davis Memorial Union + 15 minute walk to the UC Davis Welcome Center.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

1 hour and 35 minute drive to the UC Davis Welcome Center.

If you happen to not be driving from the airport, no worries! It's easy to get from San Francisco to Davis with FlixBus, with 4 direct buses per day. You can expect a minimum of 2 stops on your journey. It can take a minimum time of 1 hour 35 minutes. Average fare for FlixBus is $13.

Please plan accordingly, as FlixBus does NOT depart directly from the airport. A majority of Flixbus lines to Davis depart from San Francisco (5th/Townsend) or Daly City BART. To get to either of these 2 destinations, feel free to take the BART's Red Line or Yellow Line. Average fare is $10. BART is currently in the process of switching to paperless tickets, click here for more information about BART fares.

We've laid down the general info on taking the bus from the airports, but what about taking the bus within Davis? If you're curious to ride the bus within Davis, throughout the time of the LABash conference, here's what we've got for you:


Unitrans is UC Davis' bus transit offering 12 individual bus lines that all go to the UC Davis Memorial Union. If you prefer to take the bus from Downtown Davis, where a majority of LABash hotels will be, consider this line:

Q - Line

$1.25/Single Ride

$7.50/10-Ride Ticket*

Passes through Downtown Davis, heading towards the UC Davis Memorial Union, which is a 15 minute walk to the UC Davis Welcome Center.

*10-Ride Tickets is available on your phone through the ZipPass mobile app, in-person at the UC Davis Campus Store in the Memorial Union, the UC Davis Downtown Store, and the Unitrans Business Office.

For more routes and Unitrans information, click here.


Choo, choo! Considering to take the train to LABash 2024? Here's what you need to know:

Davis Amtrak Station

840 2nd St, Davis, CA 95616

22 minute walk to the UC Davis Welcome Center.

Davis has its own Amtrak Station! Located near the heart of Downtown Davis, commuting to the sunny side by train is a breeze! Click here for more information on Amtrak's many routes that can help you get to Davis, California. If you happen to be coming to LABash 2024 from another part in California, consider these Amtrak routes:

Capitol Corridor Train

This route provides service between the Sacramento region and the Bay Area, with multi-ride tickets available. You can also take the easy Thruway bus connections from San Francisco at Emeryville. Click here for the route map.

San Joaquins Train

This route runs multiple times daily between the San Francisco Bay Area (or Sacramento) and Bakersfield, where Amtrak Thruway buses connect you to great Southern California destinations. Other stops along the way include Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Martinez and Fresno. Easy Thruway bus connections to San Francisco are made at Emeryville. Click here for the route map.

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