LABash 2022:  Louisiana State University

Host LABash 2024!

Want to plan an experience of a lifetime and promote your program? Apply to host LABash in the Spring of 2024 (dates are flexible) by sending the following information to team[at]labash[dot]org:

  1. Link to a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) showing us why your school should host LABash 

  2. Explaining in the email any ideas you have for the physical venue of conference events (i.e. Expo location, keynote sessions, and breakouts) - no commitments, just ideas! 

  3. A letter of support via email from a faculty member of the department

LABash Conference was established as a permanent, independent, and national 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2020 to reduce the administrative burden of volunteer host programs. Additionally, all files, plans, emails, sponsors, lists, etc. are passed on to each new host program, allowing the host students to maximize their focus on programming (theme, speakers, schedule, promotion, etc).

Please feel free to inquire about responsibilities prior to submission.